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LEVEL 1 Introduction: $695.00 8 1-hour Weekly Teleconference Sessions

The basic concepts, teaching methods and procedures will be presented and practiced. Practitioners can begin implementing LEARNING EARS as part of their Level 2 Training immediately following the Level 1 Training.

LEVEL 1 TRAINING PROVIDES: 1. LEARNING EARS Practitioner Manual 2.Ear-Voice Training equipment (value$200): sound mixer, microphone and connection cables (participants will provide the additional two headphones needed) 3. Instruction and discussions to master the basic concepts, teaching methods and procedures required to deliver LEARNING EARS to a client.

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LEVEL 2: Internship and Certification $495.00

20 1-hour weekly teleconference sessions provide practitioner support and guidance to individualize and administer LEARNING EARS programs.

The Level 2 practitioner is required to participate in minimum of 20 weekly teleconference sessions. Certification is granted for 2 years when the practitioner has successfully completed 5 supervised client programs (no additional fee required).

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LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 Special $1,090.00

28 1hour weekly teleconference sessions provide support and guidance to individualize and admiister LEARNING EARS programs.

Special $1090 paid in advance saves $100

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Upcoming Training Dates:

April 11 - May 30 2011

Aril 6 - September 21, 2011
June 6 - November 21,2011

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