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Program Description

LEARNING EARS is proven educational program that develops reaing and listening skills fundamental to learning and academic achievement. as struggling students learn to listen, interpret and remember information, they can overcome learning challenges and ecperience success eithin eeks of training.

The 2o-week Learning Ears program requires students to work 30-minutes daily, 5 days each week. The Learning Ears practitioner monitors and adjusts each individualized program through weekly consultations. People of all ages can benifit from listening and voice training combined with specialized instruction for reading and spelling skills.Four training phases target specific skill development.

Phase 1 (4 Weeks)

Weeks 1-4 follow an assessment and intake process provided by the LEARNING EARS Practitioner to set specific goals for each student.

Phase 1 Targets:

• Listening and alertness
• Ability to focus and pay attention
• Spatial awareness
• Movement and coordination

Phase 2 (6 Weeks)

Weeks 5-10 introduce Ear-Voice Training exercises to improve language. The focus of this phase is listening and speaking.

Phase 2 Targets:

• Increase attention, focus and stamina
• Improve phonemic awareness for sounds in words
• Memory and following directions
• Voice quality
• Speech and articulation
• Understanding what was heard
• Ability to express thoughts and ideas

Phase 3 (6 Weeks)

Weeks 11-16 provide exercises and lessons to establish new reading habits and patterns that will increase reading rate, accuracy and comprehension.

Phase 3 Targets:

• Ability to read accurately and fluently
• Ability to think and understand
• Ability to self-correct errors in speech, reading and writing
• Expanded vocabulary
• Listening and reading comprehension
• Communication and social behavior
• Motivation and energy for learning
• Self-Confidence

Phase 4 (4 Weeks)

Weeks 17-20 provide training and practice for independent use of newly acquired listening, speaking and reading skills. Clients learn how to independently use their home listening program materials to support their needs and lifestyles.

Phase 4 Targets:

• Higher academic achievement
• Independent reading and spelling skills
• Independent study skills
• Increased motivation and confidence

language delays, dyslexia, communication disorders, learning disabilities, auditory processing disorder, artistic spectrum disorders, development delays and attention deficits ( ADD or ADHD)



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