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Professional Training

The LEARNING EARS Certified Professional Traiing provides the information needed to begin offering LEARNING EARS to clients with instruction directly from the developer, Gayle Noyers.

Completion of the following training levels will result in the Certified Practitioner LEARNING EARS (CP-LE) certification. LEARNING EARS Training is available to those profesional who are currently trained or who are interested in using reputable sound therapy program, such as The Listening Program (TLP), to improve client outcomes:

LEVEL 1 8-Hour Training $695

Includes $200 added value Ear-voice Training equipment. The Level 1 training is offered in an 8-week, 1-hour per week teleconference format.

LEVEL 2 Internship $495

Twenty to thirty weeks of guidance and support is offered in 1-hour weekly teleconference meetings for practitioners as they begin to administer and create individualized client programs.

SAVE $100 with advanced purchase of LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 at $1,090

Each LEARNING EARS Practitioner will agree t o deliver LEARNING EARS to clients who have needs and issues that match the practitioners' areas of expertise and training.



Gayle is a recognized pioneer in learning systems whose unique approaches have helped thousands of practitioners and clients achive goals they never thought possible. Parents and teachers report years of gain after only months of therapy.


Skills, strategies and techniques that will enhance your professional competence.
New ways to take auditory training to the next level for exceptional client outcomes.
How to help your clients achieve lasting changes in thinking andindependent learning.
Ways to take you clients beyond their challenges, labels and accommodations.
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